Step into my world of oxygen

A story about indoor air quality

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Welcome to my world of oxygen

A story about indoor air quality

Emma tells her story

I get up, go to school all day, come home, play outside for a little while, wash myself and watch a nice movie before I go to sleep. Conclusion: I spend more time indoors than ever before. What about you?

We don’t often think about this, but did you know that indoor air quality is often five times worse than the air outside? The consequences for your and my health are bad. We all need fresh air.

Luckily, my daddy and all his friends make the indoor air better for people, by helping to produce ventilation and sun control. That’s why I think my daddy is a real hero.

Step into my World Of Oxygen!

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Simon talks about the Home Of Oxygen

Welcome to the Home of Oxygen! Here the focus is on health and the occupant in all developments in the field of ventilation and sun protection systems, always with a nod to occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Since its foundation in 1991 Duco Ventilation & Sun Control owns the production as a 100 % Belgian manufacturer. A complete range of innovative total solutions of ventilation and solar shading in homes, offices, schools or care institutions is the ultimate guarantee for a solid indoor air quality in which everyone feels at home.

Duco, a Home of Oxygen for a World of Oxygen.

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